Childhood to Maturity

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Childhood to Maturity

The period of the last Enlightenment extended from the late 17th through the 18th centuries.  As late as the 16th century, disbelief in God was literally a cultural impossibility.  The major change coming from this period was a new way of looking at the world.  People were no longer dependent upon the church to tell them about their world, they were free to listen to their own experience.

According to James Turner in Without God, Without Creed, when God’s existence became debatable “the center fell out of Western intellectual life.  If divine purpose did not under grid the cosmos, then whole structures of meaning collapsed and new ones had to be built up, brick by precarious brick.”

“In the Enlightenment, people were shaken by a new way of thinking that challenged the simple acceptance of tradition and religious authority, but their confidence was restored through science and technology.  Today, people are shaken by the loss of this confidence.” Rick Wade

Enter the materialistic worldview, one that Westerners in droves are finding empty.  We people in the West have no living, contemporary myths to move us or to sustain us. I’m sure Joseph Campbell would agree its important we create a new mythology.

From Terence McKenna book summary:  “In many ways humans have a form of alien in our beliefs.  Space aliens have long been the subject of interest.  Perhaps science and the air force cannot find these UFOs because they are actually part of our internal mythology.”

Our culture seems to be obsessed with apocalypse (a new mythology?) – which may be the manifestation of a longing for change – a different tomorrow that we somehow know is possible, but can’t articulate.  The problem now is that without something positive to hang onto, people are retreating into their minds awaiting a positive vision of the world.

As did the last period of enlightenment, this current period has its thinkers also putting forth new ideas.  Ken Wilbur’s advice:

“. . . we have to basically work on both [emptiness and form].  We have to polish our capacity, in a sense, to fully realize emptiness, moment to moment. . . .  a realization that encompasses both emptiness and form. . . . evolution occurs in the world of form, not in the world of emptiness.  But that means that evolution is half the equation.  And so unless you get involved in ways that carry evolution forward, you are not going to be fully realizing the emptiness that you are.”

“The basic rule is: resting as emptiness, embrace the entire world of form.  And the world of form is unfolding.  It is evolving, It is developing.  And therefore resting as blissful emptiness, you ecstatically embrace and push against the world of form as a duty.”

“One discovers that being exactly who one already is — not only as the timeless, unborn self but also as an incarnated, individualized personality with whatever historical and cultural background one has —  is the perfect vehicle for that total engagement.”

“The mystery is that you are radically the only thing that exists in the entire universe and yet all these forms are arising within you.”

Andrew Cohen:  “There’s the egoic withdrawal, the rebellion against the sacred nature of what was revealed, and the profound terror of what it demanded.” “. . .it seems to be the human tendency to want to resist change, to want to create the illusion of security in an insecure universe, and, above all, to avoid at all costs having to face into the awesome and unlimited nature of life itself.”

Marianne Williamson on a Course in Miracles:  “It’s not our darkness we fear, it’s our light.”

So what forces are at work bringing about this change from childhood to mature adulthood in a large number of people at this time?  Helping us turn from our darkness to our light?

What one thing has been constant over many tens of thousands of years silently, relentlessly affecting energy on our planet?

Modern physics new theory of everything is the M Theory.  Where, according to Wikkepedia, M can stand for “master, mathematical, mother, mystery, membrane, magic or matrix.”  This theory is the latest in an ongoing quest for a theory that explains everything – a uniting theory.  Its importance here is that it is based on attempting to understand the stuff that all things in the universe are made from and of.  Galaxies, suns, planets, plant and animal life, as well as explain where it all came from.  These theories are the study of energy.

If we look to ancient cultures we find that they believed the stars affected life on earth.  Astrology and astronomy were one science and those who were educated in these disciplines were thought to be the wisest in the culture.  This was the stuff of kings who lived and ruled nations by the observations and interpretations of the cycles above us.  Maybe they knew a lot about energy, too?

What does this have to do with the end of childhood and the coming new age?

One fact in all the current literature on the new age is that we are coming to the end of a very long cycle where the earth will be in alignment with the galactic center.  If the moon causes the tides in the oceans on our planet, it’s not too much of a leap of faith to think that this coming alignment will affect the earth and life on it in some major way.

Many people already sense a shift – an end time.  So what ends and what begins?

Perhaps what ends is childhood and what begins is adulthood. In the first period of enlightenment the child grew into an awareness that it could trust its own experience and could learn to think on its own.

In the years in between that time and this one the child has matured — thinking and experiencing — and is now standing on the cliff of full responsibility for its own life and full responsibility for its effects on the lives of others and the world.  Childhood is about to end.

The ego is fighting – thus the chaos that is seen in our world.  Stepping into the light means accepting that god is in each person.  The responsibility to live as god would live means the end of childhood.

What will it mean to be a mature adult in the new times?  What will it mean to be completely responsible?  Just as a human child acquires new skills as they grow into adulthood, it will be necessary for the maturing new person to acquire new knowledge to function responsibly in the world.

There is beginning a dawning of the realization that life can be joyful.

Creating, imagining, and intuiting will be known to be the purpose of life.  The unique gift of each individual to the evolution of form and the unique gift to each individual by the All.

Thoughts will be recognized as the most powerful force in the universe.  It has been known for some time that we currently use only a small portion of the human brain.  Telepathy, energy healing, non local awareness are some of the many new skills that humans will develop as they learn to utilize their brains fully.

The intention, the ideal that each person lives by, will be of paramount importance.  In this way thought energy can be directed to joy and healing, not harm.

All beings will be free and will be honored for the way they choose to live their time on earth with full knowledge that we are each unique.

Violence will disappear on its own once it is learned that health and wholeness are available to everyone.  People will choose joy.

It is known that once aware, violence ends in the individual.  Learning in this way is thought to be of paramount  importance since it results in joy, health and wholeness.

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7 Responses to Childhood to Maturity

  1. Norman says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. … Norman

  2. Arlen says:

    Studying this article – the gift of one’s time Arlen

  3. Pok Pesch says:

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

  4. Thank for the post. Those who have studied the Bible well, studied Hindu mythologies and symbolism, the Vedas, and studied Western astrology and numerology, can make definitive parallels. The cosmos does work through each of us, and those who study astrology and their own astrology chart with the transits come to understand that the transit of the earth around the sun, changes every geographical location, due to the changing of the seasons. But with astrological symbolism, each individual who is diligent to study and to observe in their own lives, the timing, come to see the mystical spiritual. Same with the numerology of the 9-year period for each letter of one’s name, and one’s annual numbers. The diligent spiritual individual committed to these individual studies for their own lives, see what the church terms “miracles”, there are cycles of life, metaphorical death, reformation and regeneration in each of our lives created through the immortal energies of the universe. The Indian rishis, yogis, and various types of adepts and avatars have come to understand this. Contemporary science have some adepts who have correlated the spiritual terminology with the scientific experience. Neptune is transiting Pisces-Virgo polarity, the very polarity of the birth of Christ. Pisces is all things hidden. Neptune washes always the veil, and in due time there will be new revelations, it is a process and a journey for those who do not understand how important independent spiritual studies are within the occult sciences of astrology and numerology.

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