FAITH (Photo credit: cacigar)


Thoughts are things – you create your own reality – go with the flow – all are good advice.  And, all could be summed up in the word – faith.  When I’m afraid to take the next step, jump off the highest cliff, its faith that wraps her arms around me and says “leap.”

In order to allow faith fully into our lives we must learn to let go – of control.  On the one hand it’s important for us to be responsible for ourselves – mind, body and spirit.  On the other hand, it’s equally important that we know when to let go – to stop trying.  And, to trust and allow the flow of life to support us. A balance. A dynamic energy flow. A dance.

Faith often comes to us in moments of desperation.  We are at the bottom, nowhere to turn, nowhere to go.  We give up.  Can’t go on.  A place of deep peace and calm, actually.  We finally let go and open ourselves to faith – somehow we know tomorrow will be a better day.

We learn to recognize when we have done our part and when to relax, step back and witness what might happen next with total faith that whatever does happen next is exactly right. The possibilities in our lives are so vast – we can, and do, go where no one has gone before – all because faith whispers in our ear.  And, we move a little further away from fear and a little closer to love.

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