We humans have  evolved over time in large part because of our ability to feel hope.  In the midst of this material existence, we are uplifted and find strength to carry on – enthusiasm for a new idea – we see beyond the chaos of dark and light.  Hope speaks of optimism – a knowing that tomorrow has the potential to be a better, more mystical day than today.

Hope in the eyes of a college student who didn’t study for the final and yet somehow hopes she will ace the test, or at least pass.  Hope in the heart of a newly pregnant woman who has had many miscarriages – she feels her unborn child and knows that this time it will be alright.  Hope in the fabric of societies being turned upside down by politicians and greed – somehow each of us isn’t turned upside down, we have a hope for a better, more sane world.  Hope when the gardener plants seeds in the Spring – this year will be better than last, more rain, less pests and diseases, sweeter corn.  Hope in the embrace of two people who have just found each other in the darkness – this time it is true love. Hope in the heart of the oppressed – strength to carry on one more day and a knowing that it will be better than this one.  Hope in the eyes of a child on Christmas Eve – in the eyes of a wise, old sage – both filled with optimism for tomorrow.

Hope is a great gift.  It invites each of us to find our way, give our gifts, go one step further, love one more time, plant one more seed.

Hope is a way we help each other.  I hope you find love, peace, joy, fulfillment, belief.  Even when your vision is clouded, I can offer you hope.  My energy helping you along on your journey towards wholeness.

Our species is poised on the brink of another leap in our evolution – a leap from choosing fear to choosing  love – in part because we have had hope as our companion over the centuries.  Hope of a better day and of more peace and love in our world. Hope that we can rediscover our oneness and walk in the light of unconditional love.

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