What’s Going to Happen?

What’s Going To Happen?

The only concrete fact out of all the things I’ve read is that long cycles in the heavens are coming around.  Alignment with the galactic center is one – who knows maybe “the “one.

I’m still amazed that the Mayans and others so many years ago knew enough about the planetary movements to predict so far into the future.

One other fact is that the ancient cultures all over the world watched the heavens and lived their lives to some extent based on what was happening in the sky.  So either they had very ancient knowledge from lost advanced cultures, or there is a whole lot more to their cultures than we know in our time.  Either way, I don’t think there is any argument that ancient cultures were astute observers of the heavens and that “as above, so below” is what they lived by, from kings to peasants.

Modern astronomy appears to be as advanced as the ancient ones.  Modern day astrology may be far behind.  Even if it were as advanced, it is not the stuff of kings, so not valued as one of the most ancient sources of information about our world.

We are each a wave on the ocean of the energy field that is the void.  The Buddhists have taught this for all time.  We will each realize this either suddenly or gradually as the result of energy pulls from the planetary cycles.  Since we are each affected differently depending on our birth, it makes some sense that the change would also be gradual.  Evolution seems to work that way and maybe for that reason.  So, I vote for evolution, not revolution.

One thing that’s going to happen is that becoming astute observers and interpreters of the heavens will become essential to human life again.

Telepathy, non verbal communication is already available to all beings.  Once people realize they are swimming in a sea of non verbal communication, whether or not they are tuned in, they’ll get with the program and learn to speak the language.  Telepathy will be the norm.  This will simply life greatly once the period of adjustment has passed.

Telepathy also extends to all space and time so that we will communicate with all beings in all worlds. We may already be doing this and dismiss  it as “just” imagination.

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