Where Did I Come From – Who Am I ?

1244029180455[1]Where Did I Come From?

Who Am I?

The scientists tell us that the universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old and that the earth is 4.6 billion years old.  All life on earth began from the same simple cells about 4 billion years ago, simple animals appeared 600 million years ago and it has been 200 million years since humans started looking something like we do today.

Each culture has its own creation myths.  These versions of where we came from usually cite one or more deities who brought the universe and/or the earth into being.  If you are interested in reading more, check out Wikipedia (51 different cultures and their myths) or Joseph Campbell’s book The Masks of God.

So, whether you identify with one of the creation myths or the big bang theory, the point is life on earth is very old and we have evolved over time.

Evolution.  In Ken Wilbur’s words, each new stage “transcends and includes” those that have come before.  That means all the stages of our whole evolutionary history are entirely present in each of us.  So, the instincts and intuitions that we had at the survival stage of our evolution are still in us.  We don’t normally use these animal senses and so they have atrophied, but not disappeared.

To bring it all into the present, we each came from the union of the cells from our father’s sperm and our mother’s egg.  A mixture of DNA.  A new unique being, similar, perhaps, to the parents, but yet unique.  Evolution.

Dr. Don Beck and his theory of Spiral Dynamics, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need and the Chakra system all have similar things to teach us.  Each theory talks about our evolution from animals whose only purpose was to survive and reproduce to “higher” spiritual levels.

So, we could say that in each of our cells we are 4 billion years old.  We each contain the complete history of life on earth, animal instincts all the way through the evolution of humanity to the potentially higher spiritual levels.  We are each a hologram of the entire world and pure potentiality – we are free to create whatever we choose – evolution is in our hands.  How cool!

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