Channeling Your Higher Self

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Excerpts from Channeling Your Higher Self – Edgar Cayce’s Concept of the Superconscious Mind and How It Can Transform Your Life, by Henry Reed, Ph. D., 1989, A.R. E. Press, Virginia Beach, VA

Although we’re hypnotized by our senses to believe only in the reality of the physical world, it’s energy that’s the essential reality.  The essence of our nature is energetic.  It’s a non-material spirit.  We are channels of divine energy.  That’s the universal message of all mysticism and religion, it’s Cayce’s essential message, and contemporary channelers repeat it.

You can develop the awareness of your spirit through intuition, but not through the senses.  Through meditation and your dreams you can be guided to these intuitions.  Your imagination is also a very powerful tool that needs to be cultivated.

. . . find out for yourself.  Until you’ve experienced yourself the reality of spirit, it’s just a concept, one idea among many.

The highest psychic realization, Cayce declared, is that God talks directly to human beings.

Cayce’s vision of the mind has some startling features.  First, there is only one mind.  This single, living reality is a universal mind that we all have in common.  It’s a hard concept to grasp.  The modern terminology calls the mind transpersonal.  That means that except for your conscious mind, mind is not a personal thing, but something shared by all.  Mind is like the air we share.  Although we each have our separate lungs to touch that air, there’s only one air.

Second, this mind remembers everything.

Third, between the level of the universal mind and the individual conscious mind lies the region of the subconscious mind.  We each have our own portion of the subconscious mind.  All subconscious minds, of both the living and the dead, are in contact with one another.

Fourth . . . the conscious mind is only the very tip of the whole mind.  It’s highly focused and specializes in sensations concerning the physical world.

Finally, these different levels of the mind each provide their own channels of information.  The conscious mind is a channel of sensory information.  It gets its knowledge from outside the person.  The subconscious mind is a channel of telepathic information.  It gets its information from other people’s thoughts and experiences.  The superconscious mind is a channel of clairvoyance, or universal knowledge.  It gets its information directly from the oneness of all life.

What ideals will you channel into reality?  Since the thoughts that we entertain are so influential in our lives, Cayce would have us consider carefully which thoughts we let grow within us.

When sharing his approach to channeling, Ron Carey teaches to first imagine what it would be like to be God.  Then pose a question to yourself.  Imagine God hearing that question.  Allow yourself to answer the question as God might.

This higher self symbol personified the mind’s capacity to bring knowledge and insight from its depth.

Cayce described his gift as the ability of his subconscious mind to interpret the impressions coming from the superconscious mind so that the objective mind could express it in words.

The concept of spirit guide allows a person’s consciousness to indirectly access information that the person cannot reach directly.

Having a genuine need to know. . . and having the ability and the intention to put the guidance into service seemed to be the main ingredients to receiving a helping hand through channeled sources of inspiration.

You need to do your best with what you have available, and then more will be given.  Priming the pump with your own best efforts begins the channeling cycle.

As you form a question, try answering it yourself to see if the question is one you really need answered. . .  Part of the homework entails doing one’s utmost to solve the problem oneself, until one’s own efforts have reached their maximum effect.

We ask for guidance, not because we don’t already know that we “create our own reality”, but because we experience ourselves as being compelled to create it as we do, and we want to find a way to do otherwise.

As Cayce often reminded, don’t ask a question if you’re not ready to take responsibility for the answer.  Knowledge not applied, he said, was much more costly than the bliss of ignorance.

It’s easy to value channeling as a way for us to get ahead in life, rather than to be in harmony with it.

Learning to be a channel of your higher self involves learning self-acceptance.

The day is coming when each of us will channel our Higher Selves by being ourselves in relation to one another and to all that is.  The universal channeling of our Higher Selves is the coming shift in consciousness that the Edgar Cayce readings, and other spiritual sources, predict is our destiny.

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  1. micro job says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up. “It is well to give when asked but it is better to give unasked, through understanding.” by Kahlil Gibran.

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