Life’s Cycles


Life’s Cycles

Age 2 – First Mars return – Terrible Twos

Age 12 – First Jupiter return – Begins a new growth cycle

Teen Years – Uranus Sextile Uranus for the first time.  First Need for independence, to separate from parents and become your own person.

Age 28/30 – First Saturn return.  Major transit.  “Grow Up”.  If you aren’t on the right path, all sorts of major changes will occur in your life.  You might quit your job, get divorced or move.  If you are on your path, might even be rewarded in some way.

Age 36/37 – Pluto Square Pluto – Change or be transformed.  Secrets may be brought up to be healed. Results in a higher level of consciousness.  If ignored, problems.

Late 30s – Mid 40s – Midlife Crisis – Neptune Squares Neptune; Uranus Opposes Uranus; and Saturn Opposes Saturn – purpose to reorient yourself away from just meeting external demands toward more internal needs that give real meaning to life.

Age 58/60 – Second Saturn return.  Major transit – Time to reevaluate and make changes where you aren’t on your path. If ignored, major problems.

Note:  Saturn squares itself after 7 years, then opposes itself after 14 years, squares itself again in 21 years and conjuncts itself in 28 years.  Those ages are approximations within a year of the age.  And, the cycle continues every 7 years or so throughout life.  These are the times we reevaluate – the conjunction (the return) is the strongest – the other aspects are certainly major ones, though.

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