Opening to Channel

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Opening To Channel

Excerpts from Opening To Channel – How to Connect With Your Guide, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, 1987, Kramer, Inc., Tiburon, California

To achieve the channeling trance space you will need to learn to concentrate, get your own thoughts out of the way, and become receptive to higher guidance.  In this receptive state you become the vessel for bringing through higher energies which you can use for creating good.

. . . use only that information which rings true to the deepest part of your being and discard any information that does not.

As you evolve, your sensitivity to the higher realms increases.  Ideas seem to come to you from somewhere beyond yourself.  You find yourself knowing things that you didn’t know before.

At first it may even seem as if you are imaging or making up the words and thoughts.

Channeling involves the achievement of a slightly relaxed state where you can turn your attention inward and upward to receive messages from higher realms.

Not all entities from the higher realms choose to be guides, just as not all of you choose to be channels.

Truth feels as if you already know it.

It is up to you to choose joy, but if you learn best through pain and struggle, high guides will not take them away.

As you channel, new pathways through the neurons of your mind are being laid, developed, and utilized, creating a change from your normal mode of thinking.  Every time you learn a new skill such as typing or drawing, new neural messages and pathways in your muscles are developed from your arms to your brain.  Every time you bring in more light through channeling, you will think in higher and more focused ways, even when you aren’t channeling.

If you find yourself becoming bored with your information, then it is a sign that you have lost the connection to your guide.

Your guide is going to come through your personality and your voice, so he or she will feel a lot like you in the beginning.

Your guide may simply work with you at an energy level, expanding, opening, and preparing you for the next stage of your development.

Before calling in your guide, ask a question, and record the answer that comes to your mind.  Then call in your guide, and ask the same question.  You will almost always find a different answer, a more loving and expansive way of looking at the issue.

Remember that relaxation and focus are key elements to channeling.

You may want to start by surrounding yourself with an image of a bubble of white light.  You are not using the light to protect yourself, but instead to increase your vibration.

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