Soul Advancement

imagesCAKC64DXSoul Advancement

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Astrology A Cosmic Science

by Isabel M. Hickey

If the individual is involving himself in matter, and building a personality he will be very different to the one who is evolving out of personality and building a soul.

When most of the planets are in the first six signs and the higher octave planets are not angular or configured with Sun, Moon or Mercury, the person is involving himself with the world of appearance and the personality.

When the last six signs have many planets in them and the higher octave planets are prominent, the soul is more advanced and the person will be evolving out of personality orientation.  His life, though more difficult, will be more effective.

This planet is a school and the different grades are different stages of growth and development.  The life of the kindergartener and those in the early grades of school are comparatively uncomplicated.  In the higher grades studies are harder and more work must be done and more tests taken.  The stronger the soul the more squares and oppositions in the chart.  It takes great strength to meet the bigger challenges of life.  There is not affliction in the chart that cannot be changed and unredeemed.  It starts with a change in attitude or consciousness.  The world outside is the world of manifestation; not the world of creation.  Everything is created inwardly and then projected into the world of manifestation.  If this cosmic law was fully realized the key to the secret of this universe could be used in the outer world.  Change your attitude, release the tension and allow the true nature of the planets (energies) to work, seeking to be but a channel through whom the energies can flow  You then can flow with the rhythm of life and know the true meaning of joy.

The astrological pattern is meant to be a guide to show how the tides are flowing at any particular time.  The wise person uses these tides and makes allowances for them.  He cannot escape their influences but he can use them and does not allow them to influence him negatively.  Each birth chart marks a step in the evolution of the soul and represents the character of the Self in the body and shows the environmental conditions necessary for the next step forward in consciousness.  He can dilly dally if he chooses.  He can pass by or pass up his opportunities; then he fails to pass his grades and is held back to do that grade over again until he is able to go to the next grade.  The choice is his.  God is patient.  God is also the pressure and pressure is the inexorable force that  cannot be evaded except for a certain length of time.

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