Who am I?

It occurs to me, as I sit here watching the birds outside my window, that life is really very easy.  It all boils down to two questions.

The first one is:  “Who am I?”  Not who do I think I should be, not who I’ve always been told I am, not what society, parents, friends, etc. think I am – Who am I?  Inside – the real me.  As crazy as it sounds, that’s a tough question for most people to answer.  In fact most people don’t even know they have a basic right to be who they are – they often times don’t stop and take the time to consider the question, much less the answer.  We are born a more or less clean slate – then everybody in our environment attempts to help us define who we are.  All with good intentions – no blame here.  To me one of the cornerstones of moving from childhood (and, I’m talking 30, 40, 50, 60 year old and beyond “children”) is in answering this very basic question. Until I know who “I” am I can’t possibly live “my” life.  So, that means I’m living someone else’s life.  That’s hard!  And, it’s exactly why so many people believe life is difficult, a struggle.  I also believe it’s the main reason for disease.  It’s very stressful to our bodies to live someone else’s life.

Next question:  “What do I want?”  OK, so lets assume you’ve spent some time and have a clue who you are inside.  Now, what do “I” really, truly want to do – right now – this minute.  What do I want to think – how do I want to spend my time.  A big clue is that time seems to fall away – you experience timelessness – when you are doing what you love.  I wonder why, if it’s this easy, most, many people don’t do what they want.  Here is where we encounter the big word – responsibility.  If I accept total responsibility for my life, that means I can’t blame you – or my parents – or my boss – or god.  The magic is that responsibility equals freedom.  When I’m responsible, I’m also in charge – I haven’t given you any of my power.  That means that any victim thoughts I have also fall away.  It truly is magic.

So, who are you and what do you want?

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