Time Marches On

Spring Flower Pictures Three March 2007 026

Time Marches On

“The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes”

I really like this Tracy Lawrence song.  We, at times, enjoy the illusion that things stay the same in our lives and our world.  In reality we wouldn’t really like a world that stayed the same.  When I look in the mirror and see more gray hair and a few more wrinkles – on those days I might sometimes wish things stayed the same!   Then I remember the ancient wisdom teachings that advise we develop a deep relationship with that part of us that is never born and never dies.  That brings a smile to my face.  What a crazy adventure being a soul is.

Everything changes – every nano second of every day.  Life changes.  Today the daffodils are blooming in my yard – a sure sign that winter is ready to go back to sleep and that warm spring breezes and all sorts of flowers are ready to awaken.  I watched a pair of eastern blue birds on my porch this morning.  It’s clear that blue bird courting time of the year is here – it looked like love to me.

I wonder what will awaken in me this spring?  What will change?

Isn’t it pure magic that . . . Time Marches On?

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