The Field, the Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

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The Field

The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

by Lynne McTaggart


In The Field Lynn McTaggart tells the story of an emerging scientific story – one of unity where the parts affect the whole every moment.  What if a quantum field holds us all together in its invisible web?  What if we are in constant and instantaneous interaction with our environment?

This book is filled with scientific breakthroughs, mostly discovered in the 1970s and 1980s, by largely unknown frontier scientific explorers.  It was first published in 2001 – the last update in 2008.  Since its first publication more recent studies have corroborated and/or expanded some of these new – even radical ideas.  What if, as some of these studies indicate, consciousness is central to shaping our world.  It seems the ancient wisdom teachings are meeting quantum physics.  How cool is that!

The old (and some would say, current) scientific world view saw the world as a machine and our bodies as simply another machine in a disjointed, separate universe.  These views turned scientist into mechanics – no room for  spiritual or metaphysical phenomenon.

Enter quantum physics.  When the world was investigated at the level of the tiniest bit of matter, it was discovered that our world isn’t made up of matter at all – it isn’t even a thing (in the way we normally think of that word).  The world appears to be made of sometimes one thing, sometimes something quite different and can be many possible things at the same time.  The sub atomic particles these scientists were studying  appeared to have no meaning in isolation, but only in relationship to everything else.  It appeared this newly discovered universe could only be understood as a dynamic web of interconnection.  Things once in contact remained always in contact through all space and time.  Actually, time and space as we normally think of those terms, appears not to exist at all.  At this point in their research, some of the scientist doing this work turned to classic philosophical teachings in an effort to understand what they were seeing.

One of the other worldview changing discoveries was that the observer can change the observed.  Subatomic particles existed in all possible states until disturbed by us – by observing or measuring – at which point they would settle down – oftentimes into what the observer expected them to settle in to.  Our observation, our human consciousness, was utterly central to this process of subatomic flux.  Scientists realized that the observers where somehow a key here, but didn’t quite know how to account for that variable.  Up to this point science held that human experimenters were on the outside looking in. Now, it appeared this long held belief may not be true.

Some scientists began working with the concept of the Zero Point Field – the microscopic vibrations in the space between things – our universe may be a sea of energy – one vast quantum field.  If this is true, everything is connected to everything else – like some invisible web.

They next discovered that we humans are made of the same basic material – we are packets of quantum energy – constantly exchanging information with the field.  We literally resonate with our world!  These scientists demonstrated that there may be such a thing as a life force flowing through the universe – what has been called the collective consciousness or, as theologians have termed it, the Spirit.

This provided a plausible explanation of all those areas that over the centuries mankind has had faith in but no solid evidence of or adequate accounting for, from the effectiveness of alternative medicine and even prayer to life after death.  They offered us, in a sense, a science of philosophy.

It appears that what we do and think matters – in fact, is critical in creating our world.  Human beings were no longer separate from each other.  It was no longer us and them.  We were no longer at the periphery of our universe – on the outside looking in.  We could take our place back in the center of our world.

The Field is the story of this scientific revolution in the making.  The summary I have offered here is a very high level overview – mostly taken from the preface and prologue of the book.  I have read this book twice.  I’m fascinated by the details of the many scientific studies McTaggart describes here.  I have found it helped my rational, thinking mind to let go a little – relax a little more – around the metaphysical ideas of how this world works.

The following are my thoughts, not a part of the book:

To me this book is truly about science meets spirit.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes for these experiments and these ideas to become mainstream science.

In the 3rd century the Diamond Net of Indra from the Buddhist tradition talks of the interconnectedness of the universe. When I read about this Buddhist teaching, it sure sounds a lot like the Zero Point Field

And, the Wheel turns.

Final Note:  These ideas are presented in a really good DVD – The Living Matrix, a Film on the New Science of Healing.  This film features Lynne McTaggart, Bruce Lipton, Marilyn Schlitz, among many others.  Check it out.

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