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I was talking to a guy this weekend and he was telling me that he had what was, for him, an important insight recently.  He realized that enlightenment wasn’t a state or a static place – it was a journey.  He said,  “it’s like I get mini ‘aha’ moments all the time.”  And, he realized that all those aha moments taken together were like doors opening to him or like weights lifting from him.  We talked about how enlightenment is more a verb – an action word – than it is a noun – a fixed thing.  How we are all in a state of becoming.  And, how truly exciting that is.

I remember somewhere along my own path I felt I was seeing myself clearly – and, in truth, I had come a long way.  It took me a little while to come to the same realization as my friend.  In fact, one of the holes in the road that we can all easily fall in is labeling ourselves as “done” or “there” or “all knowing”.  Look at me.  Look how much I’ve learned, how far I’ve come, what I’ve realized.  All good.  And, no matter who we are, there is always a path unfolding in front of us.  We are always becoming.

One of my friends initially thought that was bad news – you mean all this work I’ve done on myself and I’m not there yet!  Damn!  She wanted to be “done”.

Turn it around.  How boring it would be if I thought I had nothing new to learn or if the “me” that’s writing this will be the same me next week, or next year or in the next decade of my life.  Death and rebirth, death and rebirth . . . . Learning to die and be reborn almost daily – what a kick!

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4 Responses to Enlightenment

  1. Kim May says:

    Very true Pat and well written…moment by moment…enlightenment is always avaialble and it’s up to us to choose wisely…I am thrilled with your new creative outlet…well done dear friend! xo

  2. valkyrieprincess says:

    I found this very inspiring. Excellent post.^^

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