Are You on the Stage or in the Audience?

Are You on the Stage or in the Audience?imagesCA3CDEZD

Several  years ago I kept having the same dream over and over.  I was always on the stage – acting in a play – always some kind of drama.  In the next scene of my dream I was also in the audience watching the play.  Took me a while to understand that dream, but I finally got the lesson and it really changed my life.  Here’s  how my dream may be able to help you:

Did you ever get caught up in something and wonder how you got so worked up over the whole thing?  It could be an argument with your partner.  Maybe it’s something habitual like your way of relating to your child or co-worker or boss.  They just get to you in a way you really don’t like.

In these situations – and, many more you can imagine from your own life – you may want to be able to disengage upfront, rather than after much angst.

Consider the metaphor of life as a stage and we are all actors playing our part.  The argument begins – you know your lines and you play them well.  The other is equally skilled and you both put on quite the show.

Ever notice when your friends are arguing, or all fired up, or stressed – you are sort of naturally disengaged?  You listen, but there isn’t any emotional charge. The reason is – you are in their audience, watching their play.

So, the next time you find yourself on the stage, getting stressed or angry – consider sitting in the audience and watching the show!  Become the observer – the witness.  Try it.  It’s like watching yourself in a movie.  You are on the stage speaking your lines and you are in the audience watching.

Over time you begin to identify more with the “you” who is in the audience watching the show.  And, sort of magically, the “you” on the stage becomes more conscious, too – more at choice.  It’s a great way to stay grounded and at peace inside.

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2 Responses to Are You on the Stage or in the Audience?

  1. You’re probably right. Take a step back. Like the way I look away in horror films at stuff like the teddy bear in the corner or the mess in the kitchen, to avoid getting caught up.

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