What do you Choose? Love or Fear?

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Warning!  I count myself as a spiritual, not a religious, person.  If you are a religious person, you probably are not going to like this post.

I was thinking about religion and spirituality today and how, to me, they are so very different. Maybe I give religion too bad a rap.  I can’t help it.  Everything I study points to a really bad novel.  How in the merry hell did we get where we are?

People have been searching for their way “home” since time began, I guess.  I believe for the last  2,000 or so years we have all been sidetracked.  Maybe the Age of Aquarius – the age of the common man/woman – will help us all wake up.

So, here are my musings on the subject:

1.  Most religion was created by men for the sake of greed and power. Study the history of religion sometime – it’s a blood bath – scarier than a Stephen King novel.  Here I’m not talking about the people who follow a certain religion – I’m talking about the men in charge – who continually perpetuate this craziness.

2.  Now to the followers – the danger with religion is that it can allow you to give total responsibility for your life to a force outside of yourselves.  It assumes if you check the box of showing up as prescribed and follow the rules you are somehow holy – your eternal destiny is good.  But what of how you live your life – you have to show up – to participate – to co-create.

Think of the people who have and do kill in the name of religion.  They have been taught by whoever is in charge that it is a good thing to do.  That’s just nuts.

I know not everyone following a religious teaching is a murderer. I don’t mean to imply that to be true.  I do mean that the danger in a religious path is that it does not necessarily lead to spirituality or to your true self.  It can.  For me, personally, religion stood in my way.

And, I really do have a problem with the “My way or the highway groups.”  It’s your club – good for you.  It’s not my club.

3.  Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, etc. were all very spiritual (as opposed to religious) people, they discovered the mystery.

4.  The mystery is we are all born total and complete, just like Buddha said.  I’m not a Buddhist – this just makes sense to me.  The further mystery is that we are all the same.

5.  We all contain God, Source, Universal Energy – whatever you choose to name the Unnamable – in us and we contain all the worldly temptations.  Just think of the pain that has been caused on this beautiful blue planet because we have different names for the Unnamable.   Life is a choice.  Do you choose love or do you choose fear.

6.  The extent to which we can overcome our fears and walk in the light of our own beingness as love – the more spiritual we can become.

7.  To overcome our fears we must understand how our minds work.

8.  Fear is a thought.  It isn’t real.

9.  Our fears keep us in a prison – afraid to live life fully.

10.  The Unnamable is real – the only real part of us.

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2 Responses to What do you Choose? Love or Fear?

  1. Al says:

    “How in the merry hell did we get where we are?”

    Good question, in terms of a first cause, assuming there is one, I have no idea.

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