To Take a Step Without Feet

imagesCA1W51IDTo Take a Step Without Feet

In my post entitled Love I talked about Love as a verb, an action word – I love you! And, Love as a noun, a state of being – I am Love. I believe one of the most important shifts we can each make is in identifying with Love as a state or ground of being.

One of the problems with everything spiritual, it seems to me, is that words get in the way of meaning. Actually, I believe they get in the way of learning and experiencing, too. We read the words of a great teacher or listen to a friend who has had experiences of the Divine that we may not have had and it all sounds so, well, Spiritual, with a capital “S”.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed or feel that I have to be someone special or devote my life to spirit. In truth shifting into a life that is lived closer to love, to spirit, is very, very simple. It’s almost impossible to explain, but very simple. It’s in the words that it all begins to sound so profound and complicated.

God is a word that has been defined over time by so many people in differing cultures and with differing belief systems – I stay away from that word simply because I’m not sure what meaning you may be attaching to “god” when I write it.

In this post I’m substituting “Love”. Don’t attach too much significance to that word, either. These days it seems many people are searching for how to communicate what can’t be communicated – I guess I’m one in my effort to write this blog.

I actually see that as a good thing. It means a lot of us are exploring, learning, communicating about matters that in the past were reserved for the “holy” men – priests and the like. We beings who inhabit this beautiful planet are changing – many, many of us are living in a newer, more sane place inside. Lots of us are beginning to really see and feel and know that we are all the same. That it’s more important we live our lives as Love than it is to go to war over words.

The experience of Love – by whatever name it has ever been or will ever be called – is just that, an experience, a feeling, a knowing. And, it’s who we are. Once we can each rest in the knowing – I am Love – everything shifts.

The big hole in the road here for all of us is to remember this is a journey we are on in this material existence – a real experience of ourselves as love or universal energy or god – is just the first step – not the destination.

Again, I close with Rumi: “This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”

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2 Responses to To Take a Step Without Feet

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love that “Rumi” quote!
    Thank you, I love you too

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