I Can’t Stop the Waves, But I Can Learn to Surf!

imagesCASZ1UQSI Can’t Stop the Waves, But I Can Learn to Surf!

Life can bring some pretty big waves sometimes.  You think you have everything all set and something comes crashing down on your head.  Money problems, relationship issues, dissatisfaction around where you are in life, your car breaks down, your roof leaks, health issues or the death of someone close to you.  All are “waves” and have the potential to throw you off course.

Years ago I saw a poster much like the picture at the top of this post and the caption was the title of this post – I can’t stop the waves, but I can learn to surf.  I later learned this quote was attributed to Jon Kabat-Zinn.  He teaches mindfulness meditation to help people cope with stress.

We can all pretty easily imagine lots of “waves” that have or could come crashing into our lives.  But, do you know how to surf your way through troubling times.  Meditation is surely a great practice since it can lead to an experience of a still, deep inner place where the waves on the surface of life are not felt.

Problem is it may not be practical to excuse ourselves to go into a meditative state when the mechanic tells us the car repair is going to cost a two months’ salary.  How do we “surf” our way through those times?

Take a deep breath, detach, remember your emotion is just a thought and  you have the power to change your thoughts.  Live in the conscious awareness that you are always the chooser, the thinker – not the thought – not the emotion.  Once you can make that shift as the waves are looming above you – you have learned to surf!

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