The Death of a Warrior

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I just heard from my son that a young woman very close to him and his wife committed suicide last night.  It can be so difficult to understand why another person, especially someone close, would make the decision to end their own life.  We are all a part of the web of life.  This young woman’s leaving so soon and so suddenly will leave an emptiness where she once played her part.  Many will grieve and feel a whole range of other emotions.  She will be missed.

I think of people who choose to take their own lives as a very tired warrior who just can’t fight one more battle. We have no idea how much she suffered.  This young woman may have felt she was losing or had lost the war.  But did she.

Think of the battles she must have fought and won.  Or, fought and lost, but had the courage to get up to fight one more time.  I hope her loved ones can remember her victories, her love, her beauty, her courage, rather than her last battle.  Rather than focus on the years she would have had left to her, I hope they can remember the intensity with which she lived  the years she had.

My belief is that all our experiences in life have something to teach us if we are open to the learning.

The lesson of death is learning to live in an uncertain world.  We will never know why this young woman chose to end her life.  We cannot always understand or make sense of what happens in life.  Accepting and being at peace with uncertainty is the gift that this early, sudden death has the potential to teach.  The lesson is beyond the mind – it can be felt in the heart or realized in the stillness.

Please join me, her family, her friends and all who will miss her beautiful soul in learning this most important lesson.  May we all honor her – the warrior – for bringing this great wisdom into our lives.

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10 Responses to The Death of a Warrior

  1. Tara Clendenen says:

    Pat, I never told you, but thank you so much for writing this. It has really giving me a different perspective on things and peace during this time. I actually read it at the service this morning. I was told by many how beautiful they thought this was. You continue to touch those beyond yourself as your love radiates outward.

    I love you.


  2. michele schieren says:

    This is beautiful. You always have the right words and the right perspective in these moments. Thank you!

  3. Linda LiBrandi says:

    Pat, you always know just what to say to bring things into perspective. Thanks for putting this out in the universe.

  4. Kristen Osorio says:

    Just beautiful. Thank you.

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