A Conversation With Imagination


Did you ever stop to think about how imagination works?  How “thoughts are things” actually works?  All original, creative thoughts came from someone’s imagination.  Artists, writers, programmers, researchers, students, parents, anyone and everyone uses imagination every day in a myriad of small and not so small ways.  Where does the intuition to turn this way rather than that originate – or, the “aha” moment that gives you a domino effect of answers?

Here’s my theory.  We are each sowing seeds all the time in the universal field, the one mind, the collective unconscious, the field of all possibilities, the field of imagination, whatever you are comfortable naming the unnamable.   Every thought we have – every single one – is a seed.  I’m a gardener and I know if I sow seeds in the right place, under the right conditions, they will grow into manifestation.  The same is true of our thoughts.

It’s important to remember you are thinking thoughts all the time.  Some of your thoughts are conscious – some are not.  It doesn’t matter.  Some people will think thoughts or say words and then say “I didn’t really mean it.” With enough repetition, it doesn’t matter whether you mean it.  The universe has heard.  All thoughts and words are seeds. So, I’m talking to, interacting with, the universal field, all the time.

This field has also been called the field of all possibilities.  Our thoughts vibrate with or interact with the field where all conceivable possibilities reside.  Which of all those possibilities will come back to me?  The ones that are aligned with the thoughts I’m thinking or the words I’m saying.  Like attracts like.

Now, how does the universal field respond or reply to me – you guessed it – through my imagination.  I read somewhere that imagination is the voice of god, or source, or the one mind, or any other word you like.  This communication comes to me as a new thought or as an imagining.

The universe also speaks to me directly on this material plane – as feelings of love, joy, bliss.  And I speak to it on this material plane in my conscious desires, hopes and intentions.

Everything in your life began as a thought.  The universe hears your thoughts and says ok this person wants more of that – here it is.  That’s why ancient wisdom has taught across all cultures everywhere and everywhen – change your thoughts and change your life.  That’s not just some new age mumbo jumbo – that’s the way it works.

Here I’ve focused on attracting good things into our lives.  The universe is neutral.  It is just as easy to attract things into your life that are not in your highest good.  “Mind your thoughts” my grandmother used to say.

The magic is in awareness and consciousness – which allow you to have a mature, aware conversation with imagination.

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2 Responses to A Conversation With Imagination

  1. joedalio says:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information! Albert Einstein said our imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions. I also see deliberate use of the imagination as proper use of the free will God gave us. It can help take us above and beyond our wildest dreams : )

    • mountainpat says:

      You are so right. Dreaming and imagining are where we interact with, meet, vibrate with the divine, the all, the universe, God. Isn’t it wild that we normally associate imagination with children? Maybe we should emulate them a whole lot more. Thanks so much for your comment and your encouragement.

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