I Love Me!


Doesn’t that sound narcissistic – self centered – egoistic?  Well, it can be when out of balance.  Here in the west we are taught not to think of ourselves first, not to put ourselves first – it’s like it’s some kind of sin or something.  In reality nothing could be more wrong.

You see, I can only feel your love to the extent I love myself.  And, I can only love you to the extent I love myself.  Think of it as a channel or conduit or energy vibration.

If I don’t love myself unconditionally – the parts I label good and the parts I label bad, then it is impossible for me to love you unconditionally.  To the extent I judge me, I judge you.  To the extent I see my faults, I see your faults.  To the extent I hate me, I hate you.  To the extent I love me, I love you.  It’s actually very simple – like most wisdom.

Step One – Love yourself, unconditionally.  Realize we are each divine love manifesting in this physical reality.  We are each unique, special, beautiful, magical.  To realize the love that we are, we only have to tune in to our true selves, rather than “trying” to be someone we are not.

Step Two – Love me in exactly the same way you love you.

Step Three –  Repeat.

Just think how our world would change if we each could simply, say: “I love me!”

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