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We all talk a lot about energy.  I decided to see if I could figure out what it is.  So, I started with science.  I wanted to understand how electricity works – that’s pretty common “energy.”

Well, as it turns out, nobody knows how electricity works.  Now, there are a lot of theories, most based on magnetism.  So, I started researching magnetism.  Turns out nobody knows how it works either.  Another theory.  Those theories lead me to gravity – the force that keeps us from floating off to Mars or someplace.  You guessed it – another theory.

I was actually very surprised.  I’ve heard those words my whole life and I assumed somebody, somewhere a long time ago had figured out what something that basic is.  It’s all based on theories.

From Wikipedia:  “Electric charge is the physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force when close to other electrically charged matter.”  Great, but what is it?  I know Wikipedia may not be an iron clad source – I looked a few other places, too.  I can find out how electricity is manipulated and used.  I can’t find out what it is.  As I said earlier, same goes with magnetism and gravity.

Changing lanes – science also doesn’t know what energy beats our hearts.  Again, they know a lot about hearts and I could bore you with some detailed information.  What they don’t seem to know is what the energy is that beats my heart and keeps me alive so I can write this post.

One more example.  Science also doesn’t know what the energy is that breathes me. They know a lot about my lungs and electrical (there’s that word again) impulses in my body, etc.  I’m interested in what is the basic energy that breathes me.

If anybody reading this has discovered scientific information about what it is, please let me know.

So, I go to spirituality.  Source, the universal energy, unconditional love, the field and other words you can add.  It’s a real shame that science and spirit can’t sit down, have a drink together and get to know each other.

Here’s my theory:  It breathes me, Spirit breaths me – and, beats my heart – and, keeps me on this planet – and, is in every atom in my body and everyplace else in all the universes that are, were or ever will be.  Now there’s a theory of everything. I doubt I’ll be hearing from the Nobel Committee, though.

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