Rose Colored Glasses

images[7]Rose Colored Glasses

I think all of us – all beings on this planet – are transcending the old way of being, thinking, acting.  If not all, then most.  We are transcending and including what came before and yet going beyond.  Bringing forth the best of all worlds or ages or times and adding lots of love.

This means we all have the cave man or woman in us and all other stages of human knowledge as we have evolved.  We have left behind or put down non-enlightened thoughts or behaviors.  We are evolving into enlightened beings.  Happy. Compassionate.  Joyful.   It just makes common sense.

If we were de-evolving, then we wouldn’t be here after all this vast amount of time.  Or, maybe we would have de-evolved into worms or some one-celled creature.  Or, maybe roaches.  Or, maybe horrible creatures who want to kill everybody.  Who knows.  The point is we must be evolving – improving – transcending what we were before or I couldn’t sit here safely using this great technology and communicating around the world with all you beautiful souls!

What prompted this post was a thought.   I think we are all way, way more enlightened than we think we are.  Old beliefs, scripts, programs are still top of mind.  If we go beyond the programming, we can each feel that somehow the training isn’t right.  I’m a good person, I love, I’m compassionate, I like to help other people.  And, I bet, you do to.  Somewhere deep inside we all know the truth.  We are really, really powerful, happy, joyful, kind, loving, enlightened souls.  I wonder how the world would change if we all just started believing we’re there – the Age of Aquarius – the Golden Age – and started thinking, talking, acting consistent with that belief?

What would happen if we stopped waiting for the apocalypse?  For the next shoe to fall?   The next war?  If we stopped listening to all the drug commercials, talking heads, politicians, religious extremists? If we stopped trying to escape from life and decided to live it? We live on a magical, beautiful planet.  We need a new operating system to be downloaded into our psyche!  Our thoughts do not match reality.

OK, I’ll take my rose colored glasses off for just a minute.  I know there are still people on this planet who don’t yet talk or act enlightened – they are greedy, kill people, start wars.  You know what – I still believe deep inside we are all the same.  So, the potential for everyone to wake up is there.

I so believe in energy – I’ve seen how it has worked in my own life.  And, I believe in the 100th monkey theory – or the millionth person theory – when enough beings think and act in a certain way – it shifts the field and all beings sort of spontaneously change, too.

So, I’m keeping my rose colored glasses.  How about you?  What color are your glasses?

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