Ladder, Climber, View

Blue-Green-Float_1920x1200[1]Ladder, Climber, View

– Ken Wilber

I like this concept I read about in one of Ken Wilber’s books a long time ago.  Imagine a stone wall that is too high for you to see over.  Now imagine a ladder leaned up against the wall.  As the adventure of life unfolds for us, we have new and different experiences.  Some things work out the way we imagined, others not so much.  We learn.

As we learn, we are climbing the ladder, one rung at a time.  As we climb, our view of the world changes.  So, while we are in any given era of our lives we see our world from the perspective of that place – that rung. We have in us all our experiences from the rungs before this one and yet we see the world in a new way from this place where we now stand.  As our life unfolds – as we climb the ladder – we continue to see an expanded view of the world.  Eventually, we can see over the wall – no boundaries –  enlightenment.

Think back over your own life.  I expect you see yourself, others, relationship and society very differently than you might have say five or ten years ago.  Are you staying on any certain rung on the ladder of becoming or are you continuing to move to a new rung – a new view?

I read a while back scientists say everything in the universe – including us – is either expanding or contracting. So, the question then becomes – are you expanding or contracting.  You aren’t staying the same.  It’s impossible.

Attempting to stay the same looks like this:  clinging to the past; expecting a relationship to be the same as it was when it was new; continuing to treat your grown children like you did when they were young; trying to stay a child; or,  “Trying to prove he still can” as the Jerry Lee Lewis song, Middle Age Crazy, says.  You get the idea.

Ladder, Climber, View has taught me on any given day we are all on different rungs of the ladder.  Obviously, we are each different climbers.  It’s no surprise then we each have a different view of life – of the world.  So, rather than me trying to convince you of the rightness of my view or you trying to convince me of the rightness of your view, how about we each remember Ladder, Climber, View.  We simply see the world differently.  No right. No wrong.

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