Are You an Adult of God or a Child of God?

hubblenib[1]Are You an Adult of God or a Child of God?

And, you can replace “God” with – the field, the universe, creator, true source, or any other word you like. Think about it. Are you a child of the universe or an adult of the universe? There’s a big difference. In the west we have been taught for a long time we are children. No wonder many of us have a very difficult time maturing and becoming adults.

I believe there is a big shift going on inside all beings. A shift in beliefs. Science is supporting this shift – reluctantly – but, supporting nonetheless.

The problem with remaining a child is you never realize your uniqueness – your gifts – your joy – the peace and love that you are. We are always looking to something or someone outside ourselves to define us – to tell us we are good enough – to tell us what to think – how to act – what to believe.

Religion, politics, the health care system, pharmaceutical companies – all are based on the belief that we are all children who need “daddy” to take care of us. To tell us how to think, how to be healthy, how to find god, what’s right and what’s wrong. Maybe there was a time long, long ago when humans were inherently bad and needed “daddy” to tell them what to do? Who knows how this daddy/child thing got started? It’s time for it to end.

Now – most people I know are far more in tune, in touch and saner than the institutions that are the cornerstone of society. I feel as though most – almost all – individual people living on this beautiful blue planet are really, really loving, kind, peaceful, mature adults – inside, if not outwardly. I believe we are approaching a paradigm shift – sort of a mass awakening.

We will always have the sector of people who are greedy, cruel, angry – afraid. Most of us are not afraid. Isn’t it nuts that all our structures are geared to the few who are? And, those structures are also geared to keep us in a state of fear.

Now, why would that be? Why would our religious, political and health care systems want us to be afraid? If you think I’m wrong, check it out. Really listen to the commercials on TV – they are inventing drugs and bogus illnesses and then programming people to believe they feel a certain way – its crazy. Or, the talking heads telling us the “news.” Listen to the politicians (if you dare) and the guy delivering the message in your place of worship. I’ll guarantee you – if you listen with an open mind – you’ll hear a lot about fear.

What if “They” (a possible new word for “God”) – are wrong? Really, really, wrong. Elsewhere in this blog I’ve posted lots of articles on the power of beliefs and on the mind/body connection. And, the field of all possibilities.

Do you want to be programmed by Them or do you want to live your own life?

Just to be clear programming looks like this: You share the political beliefs of your parents or your crowd without having given it any real thought on your own. You go to a place of worship to fit in – be a part of the club – look respectable, rather than because its where you find spiritual healing and care for your soul. You spend a lot of time in your doctor’s office and you know more about the drugs that could be prescribed for your latest vague “illness” than the doctor knows. You hang out with the in crowd – the players – so you can be cool, rather than doing what your heart and soul want to do. Your appearance, dress, hair, etc. conform to whatever sector of society you want to be identified with, rather than asking yourself what feels right to you.

Who are you? What do you want? Isn’t it time we all became adults of the universe?

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5 Responses to Are You an Adult of God or a Child of God?

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  2. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your bblog with my twitter group?

    There’s a loot of people thzt I think would really appreciate your content.

    Please let me know. Thanks

  3. mountainpat says:

    Thanks so much for your comment. I like your summary sentence and I agree – waking up, making conscious choices will result in a more conscious, responsible world. Thanks again.

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