Astrology – The Divine Science

imagesCAKC64DXAstrology – The Divine Science

I count astrology as one of the wisdom traditions. I’ve learned a lot from studying it. Lots of people think of astrology as new age craziness and discount it. When I study quantum physics and the Field or Deepak Chopra and the Field of all Possibilities, I wonder if the vibration or energy of the Field is the mechanism through which astrology works? Maybe I’ll never understand the how of astrology. Sort of like no one understands what gravity, magnetism or electricity is. Those scientific mysteries are accepted. I wonder why the mystery surrounding astrology prevents it from being accepted?

Ray Grasse speaks of astrology as the Divine Science. I like that. From time to time I intend to write posts about this Divine Science. Following is an introduction and some history.

The earliest known writing on the earth came down to us from the Sumerian civilization. A large number of stone tablets have been found from this time. They date to around 3000 BC – that’s 5000 years ago. These tablets contained, among other things, lots of references to astrology. Evidence of astrology has also been found in all the major civilizations of that time. It appears to archeologists that the earliest found writing was only copies of much earlier texts. And, of course, before the invention of writing all knowledge was passed down orally. So, it really isn’t known how old astrology is.

Astrology quickly developed into an incredibly complex practice. By 2000 BC the priests of the time believed there were no accidents, and that everything in the universe, people, objects and events, was connected. Astrology and astronomy were one science and astrologers were the best educated people. They were the close advisors of kings. Astrology was taught in universities up until the 1600s AD when rational science took over. Isaac Newton (1642 -1727) was a practicing astrologer, as well as many other prominent people of that era. So, from before 3000 BC through 1600 AD astrology was a well respected science. Around 1600 AD rational science gained popularity and astrology was relegated to the occult and lost credibility because it was not based on hard science.

Think about life 5000 years ago. When you looked up what did you see? Pretty much the same thing that we see today. All of the ancient gods were based on observations of the stars. Mars was associated with the god of war, Venus with love and beauty. Those associations were made after much data was collected about the affects of those planets on life here on earth. As above, so below.  Astrology is based on the relationships between the planets, the sun, the moon – the 12 zodiac signs – and, the 12 houses which represent areas of a person’s life. Your birth chart is the map of your journey through this life and through many lifetimes.

So, is everything in your life predestined or do you have free will? Both. It is predestined by your soul; and you, the personality, the ego, have free will. It goes like this.   As a soul, you have lived many lifetimes and will live many more. If that statement makes you feel uncomfortable, you might consider for now simply keeping an open mind and see how you feel at the end of this little ride. As a soul, prior to your incarnation into this lifetime, you decided what you wanted to work on this time through. Your prior lifetimes, what you decided to work on and where you are going as a soul can all be seen in the chart.  As a personality, an ego living on this material earth, the chart shows your possibilities as you move through time during this lifetime. My Sun is in Libra, the sign of balance and relationship. That means in this lifetime I will be presented with experiences that will enable me to learn a great deal about balance and relationships. It also means I have a natural aptitude or interest in those areas. So, if I follow my desires, I’ll naturally become proficient at balance and relationship. If not, then maybe next time through!

Think about it as a card game. You are dealt cards (the planets). You’re sitting at the table with other players (the signs and the houses). And, your soul’s intention for this lifetime is the game you are playing. You might think of all of that as predestination. Just don’t forget – it’s how you play your cards – your choices, how you interact with the cards other players have played, that will determine the outcome of the game. So, freewill. You are always at choice in this lifetime. The stars don’t dictate, they incline. Instead of looking to astrology for answers, look to it for choices. You provide the answers – you decide how you want to play your cards. The phrase “go with the flow” comes to mind. Sometimes things in life seem so very easy, at other times those very same things feel like herding cats. Astrology can help you “go with the flow” of your soul’s journey and of your evolving personality.

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5 Responses to Astrology – The Divine Science

  1. You can solve your all problems by Astrology. Like: Business problem, Relationship problem, Marriage problem, Job problems, Study problem, Family Problem etc. You may get your love back by Astrology.

  2. ryan says:

    This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  3. mountainpat says:

    We are all seeking answers, as you say. And, the way to real answers is through choice and freewill. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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