The Field of All Possibilities

barilan_internet-thumb[1]The Field of All Possibilities

I was talking with a woman today who was blaming her husband, her parents, her children and many other circumstances outside of herself for her life. I suggested to her she is the Chooser in her life – she has chosen the life she has. And, through choice she can change whatever she wants.

A hard concept for some people to believe. Many people say they wouldn’t have chosen the life they now have – so, it can’t possibly work that way. Tell those same people that they don’t have free will and you’ll likely have an animated discussion on your hands. So, we want it both ways. We want to believe we have free will and, yet, don’t want to believe we have chosen the life we have. There is a serious disconnect in that logic.

I’ve written a lot about The Field by its many names. The name I like the most is The Field of All Possibilities. I know I’m crossing science, pseudo science and spirituality – it all sounds like the same thing to me, so I mix them all up very purposefully.

The Field of All Possibilities. The light and the dark. All things ever thought or done were choices between these two extremes – or, somewhere in between. If I’m the Chooser, why would I choose the dark? Some possibilities – I don’t know who I am, so give my power of choice away to you and go your way; ego; greed; power; fear; apathy; laziness – you fill in the rest.

All wisdom teachings begin right here. You are a powerful being living in The Field of All Possibilities. You are the Chooser. God in drag. Source manifesting. And, you can replace those words with any you like. It’s the meaning – the spirit of the idea that’s important.

Peace on earth, clean air and water – we are all stewards of the earth – choosing with every thought and action. Accept that. Now what? One thing I know for sure, we can’t change what we don’t see clearly, accept and then consciously choose our future actions.

All possibilities – the sinner and the saint; love and fear; peace and war; compassion and control; truth and lies; joy and despair; happiness and sadness; abundance and scarcity; forgiveness and hatred. You see? All exist in The Field of All Possibilities. We humans have free will – we are the Choosers. This world we live in together and our individual corners of the world rest on choices – some collective – some individual.

What do you choose in this moment – and this one – and this one – and this one?

And, by the way, who are you?

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