The Source Field Investigations

images[1] (2)The Source Field Investigations

by David Wilcox

Part One – Summary

Our destinies on earth are being guided by a hidden intelligence – a living energy field – the Universe – the Source Field.  “As above, so below” is ancient wisdom.  Is mind an energetic phenomenon that travels through empty space?

Hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind where commands are obeyed as if the subconscious were accustomed to taking orders.  Cleve Backster  found through his experiments every living thing is intimately attuned to its environment – when any plant suffered stress, all life forms in the area seemed to share the pain.  He concluded every living thing in nature is listening to everything else – including us.

If all living things are in tune, perhaps our minds screen out most of the information for our own sanity.  It has been proven  that human consciousness has direct access to events in the future.

The pineal gland located in the center of our brain was thought by the ancients to be the seat of the soul – transformation – awakening – rebirth.  The teachings of the ancient mystery schools have been associated with  this “eye of wisdom” – the third eye.  Electromagnetic (cell phones, etc.) energy may interfere with information in the Source Field.

What if we are all sharing the same mind?  There have been discussions about the hive mind – as new ideas are introduced into the energy field, they suddenly become available to everyone – the phenomenon of  simultaneous discovery.  Sheldrake believed we are all accessing a common databank of information – the concept of a shared mind.  Experiments have shown the mind is not confined to linear time.

Experiments have proven if you are having trouble concentrating and someone else in a remote location tries to help you think, then soon you will be able to focus much better.  There appears to be a parallel reality – on some level. Can we improve the lives of others by improving ourselves?

Lucid dreaming is waking up in your dream, being conscious you are dreaming and able to change the outcome of your dream.  A direct experience of the Source Field may be similar to lucid dreaming.

Many studies have been conducted on the power of thought.  An example – many people meditating on peace reduces the crime rate. Does this work because we are all sharing the same mind?  By focusing on positive attitudes in your own life you are helping to reduce war, suffering and death.  Might love be the key to solving many problems?  What if the rules of the dream world do apply to the physical world?

It appears we have an energetic duplicate.  Our DNA is somehow interfacing with an energy field that has remained largely unknown to Western scientists, and which leaves behind a phantom which can easily be measured.  It’s like a perfect hologram of your physical body which is correct down to the tiniest cell.  We assume our energetic duplicate is not dying when our physical body ceases – it carries over from one alleged lifetime to another and brings our memories along with it.

1980 – Roger Lewin “Is Your Brain Really Necessary?”  He studied people who had almost no brain tissue left yet had normal IQs.

Fritz-Albert Popp concluded the ability of DNA to store light was a key – all living things are constantly emitting photons.  Many other experiments with humans and light are discussed.

Everyone has experienced being around people who are an energy drain – some call them energy vampires.  It reinforces the idea that your energy is a finite thing that can be taken from you.  There is a infinite energy in the Source Field once you learn how to access it by making your thoughts more coherent.  That’s why many ancient teachings stress meditation.

What if cancer can be traced back to a loss of light, of energy.  We do appear to have the power to heal others with thoughts and perhaps our light energy.

The Source Field is changing – pushing us toward a higher coherence and rearranging our genetic code in favorable ways.  Happiness levels worldwide have increased.

The above is a high level summary of Part One of this book.  At the end of the book Wilcox concludes 2012 ushered in the golden age and all his discussions lend credence to his belief.

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4 Responses to The Source Field Investigations

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  2. mountainpat says:

    Crying is good – it helps us feel and it helps us heal, as you suggest. Thanks, again, for your comments.

  3. mountainpat says:

    Michael. thanks for your comments. Your idea of infinite existence sounds similar to the field of all possibilities – anything that can be imagined. Keep imagining!

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