Being Human

imagesCA4SFWYXBeing Human

What if we could take a class on Being Human?  Maybe the curriculum would look something like this:

1.  How to improve your connection to source, creator or the Great Mystery or Magic of life.

2.  How to heal your body, mind and spirit.

3.  How to discover your personal power and strength.

4.  How to love, heal and honor Mother Earth and all beings.

5.  How to be in perfect harmony with the universe.

6.  How to be human, vulnerable and find wholeness.

7.  How to discover your role in the Great Mystery – why are you here?

8.  How to be intuitive and understand the mysteries.

9.  How to discover you are love.

10.  How to discover joy, beauty and happiness in your own eyes.

As we each walk through life, we learn tidbits here and there – a few “aha” moments along the way. I suppose life itself is the classroom and the curriculum is customized for each of us?

This list is probably, simply my lessons.  I wonder what your lessons are?

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