Walk A Mile In My Shoes

hheyeandworld[1]Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Have you ever found yourself being critical of someone else? Or, some people seem to sort of habitually criticize the government or some particular part of it. My personal “establishments” to criticize are organized religion, marketing corporations and the American Medical Association. So, I’m certainly not exempt from being critical of others.

I realize walking a mile in the shoes of the other is a powerful practice. It helps me see the world from a different perspective. With that experience comes empathy for the other. I may not agree with you – and, I do come to see the world through your eyes. So, I learn to empathize with you and your position – my views of you soften and are expanded.

I create my world through my choice of thoughts. All of the world is in me because from an infinite field of possibilities, I choose – my thoughts, my perspectives, my opinions, my choice of actions. This is what the ancient teachings mean when they say  – you are not in the world – the world is in you.

When you make a regular practice of putting yourself in other people’s shoes, you enrich your own experience and can be more flexible, more open-minded, more understanding, and of course, more compassionate. And in that fertile soil, happiness blooms.

You see? We create our own suffering or happiness through our choices. You can choose to simply be happy – to be understanding of the other – to leave a situation that is not in your highest good – to spend more time doing what you love – to love yourself – to accept life as it is – you fill in the rest.

So, the next time you find yourself being critical of another consider taking a moment and see if you can walk a mile in their shoes. You might be surprised at the shift in you.

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