Quotes taken from Vasistha’s Yoga, written sometime in the 11th to the 14th century, AD, translated by Swami Venkatesananda

“. . . O mind, I abandon you who are the source of sorrow.”

Now that’s a powerful statement. And, if you think about it, (no pun intended!) it’s true. Our sorrows begin with a thought – they arise from mental conditioning. Bad things happen to all of us. And, we have a choice as to how we are going to think about those experiences – how we are going to process them – react to them.

“. . . if actions are performed spontaneously without mental conditioning, their experience will be pure and free from memories of past happiness or unhappiness. Hence, O senses, perform your functions without being hampered by memory.”

Live in the present moment – we’ve probably all heard that statement. This is a way to live in the present moment – dropping all mental conditioning. How often are we waiting for the next shoe to fall? Or, already believe we know what someone is going to say or do before they have uttered a word or taken an action? We expect, we anticipate certain things in our lives to go certain – conditioned – ways.

What if you could shift so that all your experiences are “pure and free from memories of past happiness or unhappiness”? Wouldn’t that be the most freeing thing?

I’ve read this quote many times and I keep wondering what would happen if I totally abandoned my mind and got through life by sensory feeling and experiencing. I can’t do it yet. I practice with certain people and in certain situations where I know I’m very conditioned. It helps a lot.

Did you ever go see a sequel to a movie you liked. You thought you knew pretty much how the story was going to unfold. Isn’t it always a treat when the sequel is filled with surprises, is totally original and has a surprise ending? Life can be like that.

So, you might want to try dropping your mental conditioning – stay open to what may be new and different – see if you are surprised. Who knows you might find a little more peace inside and a little more freedom.

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