I Believe In Magic

imagesCA9EE3WNI Believe In Magic

What do you believe in?  To me “magic” means love, joy, peace, freedom, oneness, the field, the one mind – I’m sure you can add to the list. When I stop to feel the world, I realize we live in a great mystery – more magic.  Wisdom traditions across the ages have all attempted to teach us about this mystery and to name it.  Some have given us rules – the better ones have given us maps.  All the names they have given us are irrelevant – attempts to name what can’t be named.

The more aware I become the more I feel as though I’m watching a movie of this material existence.  Just like a good movie – some scenes are joyful and I laugh – some are very touching or sad and I cry – and, all the feelings in between.

Eastern wisdom teaches us the material world is unreal and what we normally consider unseen or unreal is the only real aspect of our existence here on Earth.  It has only been recently that I’ve come to realize the true meaning of that teaching.

While the material world is real in the sense I can touch this keyboard and hug my grandchild, it is unreal in the sense my perceptions, imagination, feelings and thoughts manifest it and shape it.  That means the only truly real part of me is unseen – thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, imagination, intuition, feelings – and from those I have created my real world.

Look around in your life.  Consider the choices you have made and are making.   If you are an angry or pessimistic person, then you create a world consistent with that ground of being.  Conversely, if you are a peaceful, happy person, you have created a world consistent with that energy.  The movie playing in your life is a reflection of the unseen.

Do you get it? The unseen aspects of you are more real than the seen aspects?  Pure magic.

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