What Do You Want?

imagesCAMSPQR1What Do You Want?

What do you want?  Make a list.  Keep adding to it over time.  You might even consider prioritizing the list.  Now add a statement about why you want that particular item on your list.  Next, take one item on your list and think about a small step you could take to get you closer to your want.  Then, consider what steps two, three, etc. might be.  Before you know it – magic – you have what you want.

Some version of the above process has been taught by just about everybody in the fields of consulting, coaching, mentoring.  Simple.  Easy. Effective.

So, then why is it we aren’t all walking around with everything we want?

My theory.

Most of the time we don’t answer the basic question honestly.  What do you want?  Truly.  Really. In your heart of hearts.

And, do you want it enough to consider what practical steps will be necessary for you to attain the goal?  I’m not even talking about taking the steps or doing the work yet.  I’m talking about thinking about and maybe writing the steps necessary.  I’ve found – at about this place in the process – most people go back to just wishing they could have something, rather than setting about to get it.

Consider the Hero or Heroine’s Journey.  The first step is you have to leave home. If you don’t leave home, you can’t go anywhere – at least not out here in this material world.

So, if I want something I don’t have, the first step is I have to leave home and do something different from my usual way of thinking, believing, talking and acting. Do I want it badly enough to leave home?  That’s the real question.

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2 Responses to What Do You Want?

  1. Julene Roberts says:

    I really like this piece. Great food for thought for Friday!


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