More Yoda Wisdom

More Yoda Wisdom

imagesCAWVY385“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

Letting go of everything you fear to lose is a tall order.  What is your list?  What are you afraid to lose?  Your job – home – car – money in the bank.  Or, the love of your significant other – children – friends – parents.  Maybe the loss of your freedom or beliefs you hold.

Why would Yoda advise a Jedi to let go of everything he fears to lose?  Buddhist teaching says attachment can lead to suffering.   Sort of sounds the same.

The objects of our attachments – the things we are afraid to lose – are transient – not permanent. Their loss is inevitable, thus suffering will necessarily follow unless we learn to let go of our deep need for them.  We can enjoy our lives and at the same time recognize how changeable life can be. The Wheel of Time turns.

Letting go of everything means to let go of the fear you may have around losing material possessions, people, ideas, beliefs.  Realize life is one large cycle of beginnings and endings.  Learning to let go is a critical skill to develop as  human beings negotiating our way through life.

It’s not possible to hold onto what is already gone.  How many times do you attempt to do that.  Holding onto your youth, a relationship that no longer serves anybody, a job that doesn’t bring you fulfillment, a life style you can’t afford, a friend that depletes your energy – and, lots of other things you can add from your own life.

So, you may want to consider looking closely at your attachments and the wisdom of Yoda’s words:  “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

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2 Responses to More Yoda Wisdom

  1. Julene Roberts says:

    Well said!

    I am really enjoying your blog.


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