The Seen is Unreal – the Unseen is Real

outerspace[1] The Seen is Unreal – The Unseen is Real

The following quote is taken from Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin, written in 1921:

“To the ordinary ‘man in the street’ a thought is an ‘airy nothing’ – a mere flash in the consciousness – it comes, it goes, and there is an end to it. To the student of Mind, however, thought is known to be the power that is greater than any other power – a force that controls all other forces.  An American writer speaking of Universal Mind says:

‘It thinks, and Suns spring into shape;
It wills, and Worlds disintegrate;
It loves and Souls are born.’

“It will thus be seen that thought is the origin of the visible Universe. All that we see around us is the result of thought. We may even go further, and say that all the invisible forces, which keep the wonderful machinery of the Universe working perfectly and smoothly, are but the thought-energies of the same Universal Mind.

As in the macrocosm so is it in the microcosm; the subliminal mind of man is the same in essence as the Universal Mind of the Universe; the difference is not one of kind but of degree.

“In our world, our circumstances, our life, our bodies, we stand supreme, or rather we have within us the power, which properly directed, can make us supreme. This power is ‘Thought.’ Thought is so subtle, so elusive, that it has by the majority of men, been considered impossible of control, but the greatest philosophers, seers and leaders in the World’s history have known differently. All that they achieved, they accomplished through the power of thought; and this was possible because they had learned the art of thought control.” (Emphasis Added)

Thought encompasses our desires, feelings, emotions, beliefs, worldview – and, lots of other things you can add to the list.  From our thoughts our world is created.  Said another way – from the unseen (thoughts) the seen (material world) is created.  This idea comes from Eastern teachings.

If we desire happiness, that desire is a thought.  If we desire more money, more love, more fun – all thoughts.  The question is which of our thoughts – what of our unseen world – will we choose to create in this material world – to bring it into the seen?

Henry Thomas Hamblin also says in the above quote:  “the subliminal mind of man is the same in essence as the Universal Mind of the Universe; the difference is not one of kind but of degree.” 

I’m sure you’ve heard the teachings that if we set intentions for what we want, we are more likely to attract that into our lives.  Perhaps this is the mechanism through which that works? If my mind and the Universal Mind are the same essence, then it makes sense to me that my thoughts are – heard – felt – at one with – or however you want to think of it – by the Universal Mind.

Ask yourself:  Are my seen job, car, toys, home, relationships real?  Or, do I simply think those things will bring me closer to what I truly desire, the unseen – love, peace, harmony, joy, happiness, fun – or whatever you seek within?

Think about it – only the unseen is real.

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  1. Troy says:

    Very good article! We are linking to this great article on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.

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