Stranger in a Strange Land

stock-footage-moon-dream-landscape-scenic-space-animation[1]Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a Strange Land was a 1961 science fiction novel written by Robert Heinlein.  In 1962 it received the Hugo Award for Best Novel.  I read it way back then and am in the process of reading it again.  It’s a great book if you like science fiction, as I do.

The main character, Valentine Michael Smith, was orphaned on the planet Mars and was raised by Martians.  Twenty years later he is brought to earth and the story goes from there.

Did you ever feel like you are a stranger in a strange land?  I have – almost from my very first memory.  I used to wonder what planet I came from and how I got dropped into my family.  I was very different from pretty much everyone.  I did and do yearn for a more peaceful world where people treat each other with sensitivity and love.

If you identify with this feeling, you may have found it difficult to accept yourself for who you are.  Or, even to see yourself clearly.  Always trying to be the person who would fit into or be accepted by your family or society.

As I have matured, I have come to embrace the human experience and have learned to not only accept who I am, but to celebrate who I am.  At least, most of the time.  Any of our early childhood wounds are deep and take some conscious effort to heal.

If you identify with being a stranger in a strange land and if you like science fiction, you might consider reading the novel.  I found it to be somehow very affirming and very healing.

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