The Doors We Open and Close Each Day Decide the Lives We Live.

cosmos_img131[1]The Doors We Open and Close Each Day Decide the Lives We Live.

— Flora Whittemore (1890 – 1993)

The doors Flora Whittemore is speaking of are doors in our minds.  We are the choosers – where do we choose to walk in this minute?

What doors have you never opened – or, opened once and didn’t like what you saw on the other side and quickly closed?

Some doors into our inner selves are opened by others in our life.  Often they are showing us a brilliant, beautiful, joyous aspect of ourselves we didn’t know existed.  Really good teachers are great at opening doors.  They show us our creative gifts or our interest in a subject we had never considered.  Or, an aspect of ourselves we didn’t know existed.

Often those with whom we share a close or intimate relationship open doors for us.  Sometimes we like what we see and the door remains open.  Sometimes we either don’t want to accept what is on the other side of the door or it frightens us – that door is probably closed fairly quickly. If we are in a soul centered relationship, the other will keep opening the door until we have the courage to walk through and claim that part of ourselves.

This has to do with seeing clearly – all the parts of us – those we label good and those we label bad.  We are each a spark of the divine – Deepak Chopra teaches we are made of stardust.  I guess he’s right if you accept the big bang theory.  All energy and matter came into existence at once – so it follows we are stardust.

The Buddha taught we are born total and complete lacking nothing.  All good and all bad are in us.  Free will, in a way, is our ultimate test.  Of all the infinite possibilities available to me what do I choose to – say, think, become, see, do? So, look at the totality of who you are – all the parts – own them all.  And, realize you are the chooser – it’s up to you what you manifest in this world.

Back to our doors.  What doors have been open for awhile and it might be time to close? Beliefs that have changed.  People who were nourishing at one point and are no longer?  Have you reached a destination?  Is it time for a new journey?

Remember – the doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

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4 Responses to The Doors We Open and Close Each Day Decide the Lives We Live.

  1. lczrouse says:

    Hi Pat, Oh I love this one!!!!!!!!!!!! Your blogs are so so good! I admire you for doing this. Have a great week-end. Love ya, Lucy


  2. hipmonkey says:

    Can’t help but think of The Doors of Perception here as well …

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