What Do You Value?

images[9]What do you value?

I guess we all have our list of the things we value – our home, car, toys, jewelry, money in the bank.  And, we have people in our lives we value – our significant other, children, parents, good friends.  All good.

Have you ever considered what your non-material values are?  Maybe inner peace, harmony, freedom, joy, happiness, love as a state of being, and many more you could add.  You could think of values as sort of your guiding principles.  Some people call values ideals.

Here is a quote from Mysteries of the Mind by Henry Reed:  “We create circumstances, from a deep level within our being, in order to learn from them.  What we’re all trying to learn is what works for us and what doesn’t.  We’re learning what choices are good for us.  We’re testing our ideals and learning how to implement them.”

Well, before we can test our ideals/values and learn from them we have to know what they are.  In order to know what they are we simply have to spend some time considering what’s really important.

Once you know what you value then you can factor that intangible into your decisions out here in the tangible world.  Some actions may make logical sense until you factor in the intangible – will it bring inner peace, happiness, joy, security – or, whatever you decide you value.

What you may find is that the intangible – the unseen – is far more valuable to you than the tangible – the seen.

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