What Is Truth?

imagesCAHN30FBWhat is Truth?

I was talking to a young man today – we were discussing spirituality – the non material aspects of our existence here on earth.  He said he didn’t view the non material in a spiritual way.  His path is based on truth.  He said once you understand the truth there really isn’t anything else to discuss.  Clearly, I didn’t understand truth from his perspective.  Somehow in that discussion I was beginning to feel less than.  Not a good place to be.

Then I remembered some of the ancient teachings.  There is not one truth.  There are many truths.  We each have our own version.

I’m happy he has found what is true for him.  My lesson was one of humility.  No more than his truth was true for me – nor was my truth right for him.  Diversity.  Acceptance.  What a gift.

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