Zombies and Vampires

bacd909f1e1ee2fb0ca3b7a2ce8e50fe[1]Zombies and Vampires

The land of the walking dead – will-less, speechless walking dead capable of automatic movement who have died and been supernaturally reanimated.  Or, the reanimated body of a dead person who comes from the grave at night and sucks the blood of living people.  Wow.  And, these walking dead are very, very popular right now – we are calling this entertainment.

Psychology would teach us that the horror we appreciate most tends to mirror what’s going on in our lives.

So, where are we the walking dead – will-less – speechless – moving automatically through life?  Where have we died inside?  Who’s life blood are we sucking – or, who is sucking our life blood?

Here are a couple possibilities:

We’ve been experiencing one of the longest, possibly worst, economic recession in a long time.  Do we all feel the life blood is being sucked out of us?  Viewed from a spiritual perspective, the recession is a good thing.  It has the potential to help us escape from materialism.  What’s important?  Really?  A bigger house, newer car, latest fashion, you fill in the rest –  or peace inside?  And, it’s hard to see the spiritual side when the economic reality is staring you in the face.

Where are we the walking dead, will-less, speechless, moving automatically through life? I’ve written a lot on this blog about programming and conditioning – learning to live an authentic life – Who am I?  What do I want?  We each have free will – we are the choosers in our life.  Isn’t that just the greatest thing ever?  Step out of the known into the unknown – the field of all possibilities.  In that field there are no walking dead.

Vampires may reflect a deep anxiety over receiving insufficient nurturance – we may feel sucked dry inside – that others are feeding on us.  One of the Vampire series on TV turned this act into something sexy and desirable.  Sounds a lot like co-dependence.  A topic for another post?

The world is changing and time is passing at warp speed.

A popular way these days to reach out to each other is to post on Facebook, Twitter or to send a text message.  Most cell phones are kept on forward.  It may be rare to even have the human being you are calling actually answer the phone.  So, voice mail talks to voice mail. Virtual reality games are very popular.

I love technology and think it’s great that people are virtually touching each other – a good thing.  This blog allows me to virtually touch you.

I also think it’s important we remember virtual relationship isn’t the same as real relationship.  We are living beings and we thrive when we are in the presence of other living beings we love and who love us.  It’s important we are seen by real, physical, in our presence eyes.  Remember Avatar – I see you – I see myself in your eyes – a soul connection.

I guess we’ll just have to see how long it takes the Zombies and Vampires to go back to the grave and stay there. Remember, there are no walking dead in the field of all possibilities.

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2 Responses to Zombies and Vampires

  1. David Holmes says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the symbolism in Zombie movies, starting with Night of the Living Dead. I see them as social statements. Love it when Zombies go in search of “brains.” Sucking energy from the living, infecting those they come in contact with. Many miss the social statement and see only a horror film. Maybe most? idk But you didn’t miss it. Groovy! 🙂

    • mountainpat says:

      Hi David – I, too, enjoy the symbolism. If we just sit back and take a good look, our world is very transparent and magical!! Thanks for your comment – I like Groovy!!

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