I Attract That Which I Am

weird-world-of-quantum-physics-may-govern-life-gallery-0[1]I Attract That Which I Am

The above is a quote from the current Chopra meditation series, Miraculous Relationships. 

The movie, The Secret, made the law of attraction very popular.  Like attracts like.  The idea is a basic Buddhist concept – about 3,000 years old.  Wisdom has staying power.

I’ve always had a problem with the way this concept is explained in the movie.  It implies that we can all get rich quick, have houses in the Caribbean – anything our mind can conjure – all by thinking it, intending it.  It also would have us believe the spiritual journey – the heroine/hero’s journey – is a joy ride – no work required.

I believe setting intentions is very powerful.  My problem with the way this is presented is my belief that materiality does not bring us lasting happiness, joy, peace, love.  Things have the potential to give us a fleeting high. When the moment has passed, we are back to our inner selves – as we are.  Quickly looking for the next material high.

“I attract that which I am” is a whole different  message and one consistent with the basic Buddhist concept.  To the extent I am love, I attract love into my life.

If you are an angry person, you will find anger all around you – your closest relationships and the most casual – store clerks, other drivers on the road, co-workers, you can add to the list. If you are a judgmental or critical person, you will see many flaws. If you are a fearful person, you will see threats all around.  Some people in the US these days are getting permits to carry concealed weapons.  Fear.

Who am I?  It becomes an even bigger question when we realize who we are forms our entire world. Look around you.  Who you are is staring back.  Your significant other, boss, associates, children, friends, teachers, religious group, you fill in the rest.  Every small and large thing you like and don’t like about this group is a reflection of you.  Listen when you praise them and when you criticize them.  All you.

You leave relationships and form new ones as you claim more of yourself – as you change and see yourself in a new, clearer way.  When you look at the other and know in your heart you are not looking back, it may be time to leave.  My belief is its very healthy to let go of the past – it has the potential to keep us stuck in an old way of being.

Life is change.  Again, a basic Buddhist teaching.  Impermanence – nothing is permanent.  Science tells us everything, including us, is in a state of perpetual motion.  Either expanding or contracting.

“I attract that which I am” calls us to be open to new people, beliefs, experiences as we change and can see the “I am” inside in a new light.


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4 Responses to I Attract That Which I Am

  1. Christina says:

    Thank you for your enlightening words always there when I am in need of some clarification Love and Light my sweet xxx

  2. lisa says:

    Beautifully written as always!!!

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