How Does Astrology Work?

universe[1]How Does Astrology Work?

I’ve been interested in Astrology for years.  It is fascinating to me that from as long ago as humans began observing the heavens it was believed the stars affected life here on earth.  This belief was a cornerstone in most civilizations in one form or another until about 1650 AD – the Age of Reason or the Age of Enlightenment.  With the increased power and influence of the Church during this time, the practice of astrology in the West fell into decline.  In 1666 astrology was officially banned  from the Academy of Sciences in France.  Astrology had a very long run – thousands of years!

In the late1960s and 1970s interest in astrology in America began to grow.  Wisdom just can’t be destroyed.

Astrology is the study of the cycles of the planets.  Astrology doesn’t claim the planets have any direct impact on individuals in any way.  It works because the same force that moves the planets, also moves us.  We are all a part of the universe and we all follow the same cycles and patterns.  It can be difficult for us to see the patterns at work in our lives unless we have attained a very clear state of awareness.  However, by observing the regular cycles of the planets, we can understand the nature of our own cycles.

Astrology is also based on the Law of Correspondences:  As above, so below.  As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.

Astrology follows the Law of Alchemy – all the energies are inside us.  If we suppress or deny them, they will manifest outside us.  Any lessons we don’t approach on a conscious level will manifest in our lives as external forces that are far more difficult to ignore.  The more we try to ignore or repress these energies, the larger the disruptions become.

Finally, astrology operates on the Law of Beginning – the beginning point of a thing contains the potential that will be fulfilled during the life cycle and beyond.

This leads to the natural question of free will v. fate or determinism.  If we have free will, how can the position of the planets at our birth be predictive of our lives?

We have free will and we almost never use it – not really.  We tend to ride the waves of the energies at play in our lives. We are mostly on auto pilot, not exercising our free will.

Astrology tells us a lot about the waves of energies – the cycles.  Once we are aware of the energies at play, then we are in a better position to exercise our free will – consciously interacting with the cyclical energy, rather than being mindlessly carried along on the wave.

Maybe all the people who lived in all the ages before ours just might have understood life here on earth a whole lot better than we do.  I wonder?

Note: Parts of the above post are taken from Astrology:  Understanding the Birth Chart by Kevin Burk

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