See the good rather than concentrating on the not perfect.  In our society that can be a tall order.  We’ve been programmed.

When I first went to work years ago, it was the thing for everyone and every company to strive to be number one.  Competition.  Battles.  Which team will be number one this year?  Which player?  Consider our country, our government.  Some people look for the perfect religion, meditation, spiritual journey. Or, the perfect hair style, the perfect home, the perfect friends.  You see?

Somewhere in the middle of my career I went to work for a very progressive company.  They were highly successful in their industry.  It was made clear to all employees they did not want to be number one.  They felt it put too much stress on their employees and it cost way too much.  They were very happy being number two or number three. I couldn’t believe it!

My whole life I had been taught to reach for the gold ring – win the prize.  Once I had a chance to get used to the idea, I decided it was pure genius.

You may have heard the adage – paralysis by analysis.  This gets at the same idea.  In our striving to be perfect, we do nothing – paralyzed by the fear of doing it wrong or not exactly right.  “It” may be a project, a relationship, a career, you fill in the rest.  The ultimate paralysis is being afraid to even live a spontaneous, vital, happy life.  We sort of sit and think about doing a lot of things and end up doing very little.

So, what’s the way out of our programming?

Let go of the illusion of perfectionism – of control.  Realize we are all fantastically unique beings.  There is no absolute “perfect.”   In striving for perfectionism we waste our gifts. Have fun in your life.  Learn to see – to celebrate – the good, rather than the perfect.

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