Change Yourself Rather Than the World

tumblr_inline_mhaxjbCJhb1qz4rgp[1]Change Yourself Rather Than the World

Do you find yourself irritated, frustrated – a lot?  Maybe with a co-worker, boss, teacher, parent, child, significant other, friend.  Or, the government or a particular politician, the leaders of your industry, maybe society, generally.  Why can’t we have peace on earth?  Why do people kill each other?  Or, maybe more day to day issues – clerks in stores or other drivers on the road?

Did you ever stop to consider when you are in an irritated or frustrated or angry place you are making a choice?  You are choosing irritation, frustration or anger.  There are many, many ways to react to what life brings us.  I wonder why you choose to react in this way?

Habitually reacting in this fashion causes your body to be in a state of constant stress.  Stress is now linked to various forms of disease.   Lots of studies have been and are being done to scientifically explain the many ways stress affects our bodies.  That it affects our bodies is no longer at issue.

If your world is like mine, you probably can’t remove the stressors from your life.  Life happens.  What you can do is change you.

Maybe you need some training in how to cope with life or perhaps daily meditation, sports, music or spending time creating.  Maybe more solitude.  Once you are aware you are making a choice and you have the desire to change, then the method is secondary.  Lots of ways to change your orientation to your world.  You have infinite choices of how you react to life.

Consider changing yourself, rather than the world around you.

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2 Responses to Change Yourself Rather Than the World

  1. Erik Andrulis says:

    When I change Myself, I change the World. When I change the World, I change Myself. Could be no other way, really, as I am One and Many at the same time. Peace, Ik

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