Limitless Unconditional Love

nebula-orion2[1]Limitless Unconditional Love

Wow!  Just take a minute to consider what that feels like.  You are, you are surrounded by and you are merged with limitless unconditional love.  Everywhere and everywhen.  No need to try, to be something or someone you are not, no effort at all is required – you are love.  You are cherished, eternal, are filled with limitless possibilities of what you can do and become.  You are love. At the ground of our being, our lives are incredibly easy, filled with magic and wonder.

Consider how our lives in this material reality would be different if each of us realized this state of being.  I am love – you, too – we are the same.  And, unique – each with precious gifts to give. Differing points of view, differing beliefs – all reflecting our own lessons as we journey here.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all go to school together and yet realize our oneness?

It is obviously easy for us to get off track.  We have forgotten we are the same – at our core – all love.  Instead we focus our conscious minds on difference – we even kill each other over our difference.  Or, at the other end of the scale – we harm each other emotionally, psychologically.  The insidious thing about our actions is they are mostly unconscious.  The product of programming by well meaning care givers, teachers, religions, politics, society, the evening news, marketing.

So, what’s the way out?  The solution?  What can each of us do to fill our world with peace and love?  We can change – at our most fundamental way of relating.  We can realize and live limitless unconditional love.



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