A lot of us talk about wanting a world filled with peace. Did you ever stop to seriously think about how you would have to change in order for all of us to live on this beautiful blue planet together in peace?

I wonder if peace is possible.  I wonder if the people of earth have ever lived in peace.

We each, at our core, belong to a clan – at least in our early years – some for a lifetime. Identifying with the clan gives us a very limited identity. You can also think of the clan as a system or systems of thought.

This leads us to ideologies – defined as:  1. The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group, class, or culture2. A set of doctrines or beliefs that form the basis of a political, philosophical, economic, religious, scientific or other system.

In our world here in the US these ideologies are constantly reinforced in the media, advertising, education – you fill in the rest.  So, our minds are conditioned to be a part of the clan.

The Hatfields and McCoys refers to a feud between two families (1863 – 1891).   The story of this feud has become a modern symbol of the perils of family honor, justice, and vengeance.

All conflict arises from ideological differences.

So, look around your own life.  Where do you have differences with other people, belief systems, cultures – to the extent you find yourself in an angry, non-peaceful place when thinking of them or dealing with them? 

Peace can only be created by peaceful people.

If you and I honor each other, we can disagree in a peaceful  way.  No One Truth – only truths.  We each have our own path to walk – our own lessons to learn – our own view of the world given our state of awareness.

I’ve been reading a lot about science recently and scientific theories.  Lots of very smart, good people attempting to solve the great mysteries of life.  They seem a lot like the Hatfields and McCoys – different clans – feuding.  What a waste of energy.

I read on the NASA site only 5% of the universe is known matter – and some of that is still a mystery.  I wonder how small that number – 5% – will become once our ability to see further and further into the cosmos improves.  My guess is the universe is vast and diverse beyond what our conscious minds can comprehend.  We are attempting to arrive at a theory of everything with only an infinitesimal sample of the universe at our disposal.

I use this as an example of how feuds begin and are perpetuated.  The problem for scientists working in this area is they have almost no facts – once you consider the vastness of the unknown.  So the feud over theories continues.  I wonder why?

What does this have to do with peace?  Remember – peace can only be created by peaceful people.  To the extent any of us find ourselves feuding with an opposing clan we are not contributing to peace.   Scientists are really, really smart, well educated people and even they haven’t found a way to live peace within their discipline.

Where in your life are you feuding with another clan?

Conflict is a part of being human – at least in these times.  Solving conflict in a peaceful way is a skill that can be learned.  It is based on speaking with respect, honoring our differences and not trying to convert the other person to our way of thinking.   There is no one right idea.  There are as many right ideas as there are human beings.

I wonder how our lives would be different if we shifted the energy presently being spent in conflict and rechanneled it into creativity?  Imagination, intuition – the language of the soul – our deeper being.  In that place we are peace – and love.


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8 Responses to Peace

  1. Erik Andrulis says:

    May I be Peace on Earth.

  2. “Peace can only be created by peaceful people.” —- I suspect that damaged, non-peaceful folk can create external peace by strength of will. Allowing the next generation to be actually peaceful. Don’t cha thin’ ? — PEACE is a lovely subject to post on my birthday, though I read it today. —- Thank you. —- Bear

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Bear – Oh, I suppose most anything is possible by strength of will – not sure where non-peaceful people would get the motivation? Actually, when I wrote that phrase I was thinking of peace activists – often times they seem angrier than what they are “fighting”.

      Happy Birthday!! And, many, many more.

      I’m relatively new at blogging – thanks for stopping by and for reading my post – appreciate the words of encouragement.

      Love, Pat

      • 🙂 Thank you. —- Hurt and damaged people get their motivation from the same source as non-damaged persons.—-The same as an abused child, whose inner peace has been compromised, DECIDES to not perpetuate the cycle. —- Other forms of social abuse (for example: war, violence) work on the same cyclic principles. Those who have been damaged have to consciously decide to NOT follow their learned responses. It is an act of will. — Namaste, Bear

      • mountainpat says:

        Hey, Bear – I agree – what you don’t hand back, you pass on – as I learned from John Bradshaw’s work. Clearly, we can all choose differently. Love, Pat

  3. Julene Roberts says:

    Shalom. Amen. Namaste.

    (Well said, Pat!)


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