The Journey Continues

images[1] (2)The Journey Continues

I just talked to a very good friend – her mother died today after a long illness.  She had a good life and was loved.  She will leave an emptiness in the lives of those close to her where she once played her part.  Many will grieve and she will be missed.

My belief is that all our experiences in life have something to teach us if we are open to the learning.

The lesson of death is learning to live in an uncertain world.  We cannot always understand or make sense of what happens in life.  Accepting and being at peace with uncertainty is the gift that this death has the potential to teach us.  The lesson is beyond the mind – it can be felt in the heart or realized in the stillness.

Please join me, her family, her friends and all who will miss her beautiful soul in learning this most important lesson.  As she continues on her journey in the afterlife, may we all honor her for bringing this great wisdom into our lives today.

Peace to her and to those who love her.

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2 Responses to The Journey Continues

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dearest Pat, I have had a few minutes tonight to catch up on your articles and feel so honored when read this one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…and Mama thanks you too. Yes, I feel more peaceful regarding all she and I have shared, healed and expanded upon this life time…what a blessing and teacher she was and continues to be…I feel so very grateful. love you, Kim

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