Change and Transformation

Cosmos_by_Naviretlav[1]Change and Transformation

Our personal selves are changing every second of every day – our minds and our bodies.  So are the other beings around us. Our culture changes.  Conflicts between nations flare up and calm back down. Science makes new discoveries and questions old theories.  Babies grow into children and then adults.  The seasons come and go.  The moon makes its monthly cycle and the sun its daily cycle – marking the passage of what we name time.

Do you see, we have the evidence of and model for change and transformation all around us and in us.

To me transformation means turning fear, aggression, doubt, insecurity, hatred and emptiness into their opposites.  I think we are all on the journey to do just that – some more consciously than others.  Somewhere deep inside  we all crave meaning in our lives and the answers to life’s big mysteries – what is love, what happens at death, exactly what is god or the mysterious energy that seems to permeate all.  We are all sort of looking for the hidden dimensions of life.

Its’ funny – seems the more we know as a people the stronger we crave knowledge. People from ages past could well have had far more understanding than we do today.  Maybe we are on a quest to rediscover or remember? I wonder what?  It’s as though something unknown wants to be known.  How exciting!

Many ancient wisdom teachings tell us the path to transformation is not through our minds – not through thinking.  It is through the heart – through softness, spaciousness, gentleness, compassion.

Some of the most powerful words are don’t know.  What can your thinking mind do with don’t know?  It allows space.  Relaxation.  No trying. Your mind may even relinquish the illusion of control – at least for a little while.

In the peace of don’t know you may find a path to great change and transformation.

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