We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home


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A-Colourful-Creation-god-the-creator-12135116-2560-1707[1]We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home

The title of this post is one of my favorite quotes from Ram Dass.  To me home is knowing we are love – clear seeing – ourselves, each other and our world.  Our very active minds sort of put up lots of smoke screens, clouding reality.  We easily revert to programming.

Did you ever have the experience of finding yourself in a situation and seriously not believing you were there?  Almost like you hadn’t been in your own life for a period of time and just woke up to a moment of clarity.  I had a friend years ago who was married to a woman who drank a lot of alcohol – she was the life of the party who usually  became the nightmare of the party before the evening ended.  He decided to totally stop drinking.  After a few months passed he and I were having lunch and he said I woke up one day and said, “I’m married to her?!”  He honestly, after several years of marriage, just saw his wife with new found clarity.

So, there are lots of ways we get lost out here in this material world.

We can come home to the experience of love as a state of being.  No self judgment or criticism.  No trying to be something or somebody.  No shoulds.  No coulds.  No effort at all.  Simply resting in our hearts and in the knowing that we are each total and complete, lacking nothing. It’s amazing how difficult we make life.  The magic happens when we let go of trying to control our world – to make it fit some sort of imaginary program we have labeled as good.  We can just simply let go into who we really are – total love.

As human beings, we are all in this together.  However you want to define this.  No true separation – only the illusion of separation.  What I do, think, say and feel affects you.  Literally.  Same is true for you and all beings everywhere and everywhen.

I feel a change – a shift – I believe we are all waking up, looking around at each other and it’s beginning to dawn on us that we are just walking each other home.  Groovy!

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6 Responses to We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home

  1. Christina says:

    I Love this quote, it makes sense very beautiful in its entirety Namaste.

  2. Christina says:

    Really beautiful and inspiring! ♡

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