Don’t Know

The_Phoenix_Odyssey___Wallies_by_alyn[1]Don’t Know

“The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained.” — David Bohm

I’ve been going deeper into my experiences with and studies of meditation recently and have come across the concept of don’t know.  Whenever we can be in that place, it opens up the entire field of all possibilities to us.  Once I know, I no longer am on that particular journey, no longer exploring, learning.  Consider any aspect of your life – is it really possible to know?

I’ve been married for many years, I don’t know my partner – he surprises me daily.  Do we ever really know another human being?  I have been on a spiritual journey for many years.  I discover entire new worlds all the time – I can now see how vast and unimaginable this particular ride is.  It doesn’t seem possible to know anything in the spiritual realm.

Even hard science is based on research and the best knowledge that fits the available facts.  It might look like knowing.  The problem is new knowledge begets new knowledge.  And, what looks like a certainty today is obsolete tomorrow.  My view of the above quote by David Bohm is that the journey is a whole lot more important than the destination.  Could that be just another way of saying don’t know?

Or, I can go to religion – lots of faith – no one knows whether there is heaven and hell or whether we have lived and will live millions of lives or whether when we’re dead we’re dead.  Philosophy, religion and the like is ideally kept fresh, alive, contemporary by don’t know.   Well, unless you believe faith and knowing are the same thing.  Then religion can be quite dead.  Or, at least, that’s my take.

I’ve been practicing with don’t know.  Try it.  “I don’t have a clue!”  That is so freeing.  We don’t have to know.  Don’t know leads me from my thinking mind to my heart.  It’s so much easier to feel the world and all beings.  I’ve sort of stopped thinking about life so much, stopped looking for answers.  Instead, I’m resting in the freedom of don’t know.


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4 Responses to Don’t Know

  1. Erik Andrulis says:

    Reminds of Krishnamurti’s “Freedom from the Known.” Once I knew that I was All Knowledge – and, most importantly, that means that I am Ignorant, I knew everything I needed to know about Myself.

    Sorry I missed all of your great posts. Just catching up now! Peace, Ik

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Ik – Watching Krishnamurti and Bohm discuss pretty much any subject is awesome. You probably already know this, but just in case – you can find lots of their discussions on YouTube.
      Good to hear from you. Love, Pat

  2. Lovely Bohm quote! Namaste _/l\_

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