I Control Nothing

4C26_48F0D4BF[1]I Control Nothing

We foolish humans have the illusion we control our lives.  Life – the Universe – Spirit – God – pick your favorite word – gives me the lesson every few years that I control absolutely nothing.  I guess I’m a slow learner.  Or, I forget.  Time to go back to school – again.

It goes like this.  Something happens in my life I don’t like.  My thinking mind goes into overdrive.  It presents me with lots of very viable options – ways to either escape from or deal with my dilemma.  So, I go merrily along with the utmost confidence I am in control and making choices that are in my highest good.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel or maybe I even think I’m out of the tunnel, back in the light of my happy, joyous life.

Wham!  Here comes the unseen fast ball and it knocks me off my feet. Usually as I’m lying face down, angry or in fear, totally defeated, I see the absurdity of it all. It is at this point in my lesson where I laugh and cry at the same time.  I totally surrender – give up – don’t care – realize the whole thing isn’t such a big deal anyway.  And, I laugh and I laugh and I laugh at myself and the crazy illusion of control.

Next, I believe the Universe says, OK you passed this test – again.  The pressure of the problem dissipates almost instantly.  The lesson:  my ego gets a big time adjustment – my feet are more firmly on the ground – humility, gratitude and compassion are front and center in my life – thy will, not mine – OK, I get it.

Maybe I’m the only one in this particular life class?  Somehow I doubt it.

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One Response to I Control Nothing

  1. Karr says:

    This hit the nail on the head…..

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